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        Dancing with "DeSarge"... Gift Certificate
Give a Gift Certificate to your wife, husband, partner, friend or that someone special.
This is a gift that you two can share
A gift that's fun and great exercise
A gift that will bring you together
A gift that you will have for the rest of your life
A gift that will make you want to dance together whenever you go out to functions
A gift that will make other couples envious of the fun and togetherness you will have dancing with each other

Click here to print your Certificate
to that someone special...
Beginners Introductory Offer:Normally $184.00 Now only:  $99.00
2 - 50 minute Private Lessons
1 - 50 minute Group Class
1 - 50 minute Open Dance Session
(New Students Only)
Print your certificate here then call Carole to get your validation code.

What is
"the gift of dance"
and how does it work?

You can purchase a package of dance lessons that you can give to that someone special.
These lessons can be private or group lessons and come with free practice sessions.
The private lessons can either be for that special person or can be taken as a couple.
All programs are specially designed for your personal needs.

Gift certificates can be purchased in any denomination starting at $12.00
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