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With over 35 years of teaching, dancing, competing, training teachers and managing studios nationally and internationally, servicing the DuPage County, Cook County and the entire Western Suburbs for the past twelve years. I can back my guarantee to you that if you are not satisfied with your lesson, I will not charge you for that lesson until you are completely satisfied. Being a slow learner inspired me to develop my teaching skills to a degree where I place myself in my student's position every time I teach. This makes me more aware of the student and the difficulties that they might encounter. Add to this passion, enthusiasm, and dedication and Voila ~ you arrive at......
"the DeSarge Way" it's fun and easy!

Beginner Special Offer       $99.00

 2 x 50 minute private lessons


 1 x 50 Group class of your choice   Click here

   $ 24.00

 1 x Open dance   (Friday 8:00pm)




   Beginner Special New Students only


Private Lessons

Group Lessons

What is a private lesson?
When a student (either single or couple) has a one on one lesson with an instructor.
What are the benefits of private lessons?
1)  Personalized Instruction: The teacher can concentrate on specific areas or dances the student may need to learn.
2)  The teacher can set goals with the student so they can work together as a unit to achieve said goal. Goals should be reviewed regularly to maintain personal growth.
3)  The teacher can pace the students' progress according to their ability.
4)  Private lessons build confidence through repetition, the teacher's personal guidance, constant assurance, and patience.
5)  The students can choose what they would like to learn.
6)  The student can request a time slot that is convenient. This time can be reserved weekly, or for those who have a busy schedule, time can be more flexible.
7)  A students may take several lessons weekly according to their goals and time availability.
8)  All materials taught can be repeated until the student is comfortable and would like to to continue to the next level.

What are group lessons?
When a number of students (either single or couples) join together in a lesson with an instructor/s.
What are the benefits of group lessons?
1)  Dancers are split into two groups: leaders and followers, each being taught their parts separately, then they come together to dance as a couple and go through the step in detail with the instructor calling out the steps and timing.
2)  Students change partners on a regular basis. This helps people to mix and meet and helps everyone to learn the same patterns (couples who prefer to stay together may do so).
3)  Having different partners can improve one's leading and following abilities greatly.
4)  These classes are fun and relaxing.
5)  Group classes are the most inexpensive way to learn to dance.

Weekly Open Dance

    What is a Weekly Open Dance:

It is a free (for our students) organized practice session where we play music for our students to practice their dancing.  We call out the style of each dance and recommend students change partners but that is not enforced, only advised. We also celebrate birthdays and special occasions by having a circle dance and give the student celebrating their birthday a free week of group lessons (the week of their birthday).

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