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We can help you make your wedding dance special!

Listed below are a few things we offer that not many other teachers or studios offer

1. Your lesson can be recorded so you can practice at home.
2. Lessons available seven days a week.
3. Let us choreograph the first dance for your wedding using your own special song of choice..
 We can choreograph your wedding dance making it simple yet elegant for those who have never danced before, or if you     prefer we can design a more sophisticated routine with lunges and dips.
5. Our personal guarantee if you are not satisfied with your lesson we will redo it at no charge to you until you are satisfied...
For your first lesson, please call  Carole and set up an appointment, 630.355.1188 or email
(Click here) to print your gift certificate then call Carole 630.355.1188 to authorize your certificate / Pick up your Gift Card at the Studio
Eugenia and Denis
Sarge and Carole 10-10 -10
Dana & DeMario Ross
"Sarge was an absolute pleasure to work with. We had never been to formal lessons as a couple and he made us feel right att home. He was patient with us as we learned our routine. Our first dance was a highlight of the night and everybody ws impressed with our routine. Thank you DeSarge Danceworld for helping make our first dance a memorable one."
Kathleen & Galen
Thanks for all your help with our first dance. We impressed the crowd and have enjoyed the whole process of getting ready for it. We will forever be fans! Take care,   Kathleen
Katie & Travis

Sarge & Carole we had a BLAST taking lessons for our first wedding dance. We loved that you personally choreographed our moves to fit our style and "wow" the crowd on our wedding day. We would recommend lessons to ANYONE, regardless of their experience or confidence level. Dance lessons were the one thing we truly looked forward to in the midst of stressful wedding planning, and our family and friends couldn't believe we had learned so much in just a few lessons!  You're the best! thank you for giving us such a wonderful memory that we'll hold on to forever.  Sarge thanks for including us in your website!
Travis and Katie
Luke and Celeste...

Sarge, Our wedding dance was beyond amazing! People said it was the most awesome dance they had ever seen. They were either yelling, screaming, clapping or crying as we were twirling and dancing our steps. It was a great way to start our reception!
Thanks for everything!
Michael and Melinda

Our wedding dance turned out so wonderful.  Our family and friends loved the lifts and dips and we could hear them yelling and clapping during our moves.  It was really wonderful to be able to learn this dance as the first of many things we will do together as a married couple.  Our pre-wedding lessons were so fun and I thank you for your encouragement, patience and the fabulous dance moves you taught us.  We are looking forward to many more fun dance lessons with you in the future.
Melissa and Mike

Dear Sarge and Carole,
I have attached some pictures from our wedding dance.  We just want to thank you again for all of your patience and support during our lessons.  We had so much fun going to class, it was a great time for Mike and I to bond during the stress of planning a wedding.  I think back on that time with fond memories.  During our first dance, I heard ooohs and ahhhhs from the audience.  The photographers even got a picture of some of the bridesmaids shedding a tear!  To this day, people still talk to me with admiration about the beautiful dance we did at our wedding.  We hope to join you for classes again in the future. Thanks again!
Darryl and Valerie

Dear Sarge,
Thanks for all your help and creativity. Our first dance at the wedding went so well and everyone was impressed with all the different styles we combined. Thanks again for your help. Darryl and Valerie.
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